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Sectional Door

Sectional door has a beautiful appearance, high strength, low noise and insulation properties, making it widely used in areas with high cleanliness requirements, such as factories, military, medicine, food, electronics, Printing, supermarkets, etc.

Technical Data:

Max dimension W12000mm,H8000mm.
Opening and closing speed 20cm-40cm/s
Power supply 220V±10%V,50/60HZ or 380V±10%V,50/60HZ
Door panel thickness 40mm/75mm/Back rib door
PU density 48kg/m³±2kg/m³
Wind resistence 10-12级, 28m/s-35m/s
Sound insulation level 24 dB
Insulation level 0.38 W/m°C
Water tightness 30 Pa
K valure 1.5w/M2.k
Thermal Conductivity ≤0.033W/m.k

1.Open mode:The lifting method has vertical lifting, and the turning elevation and sectional lifting make full use of the door opening space.

sectional door lifting methods sectional door lifting methods sectional door lifting methods

               Standard Lifting                                    High Lifting                                       Vertical Lifting

2. Door panel: steel polyurethane sandwich panel with a total thickness of 40mm, double-sided 0.5mm thick Baosteel color coated steel plate, coating treatment from polyester coating, primer, passivation layer, galvanized layer. Water ripple, orange peel embossing, convex and concave wind resistance to strengthen the strength of the door panel.

sectional door panel                                  sectional door panel wind resist

Ordinary door panel (for door size below 6m)                Wind-resistant rib door panel (for large  door size)

3.High-strength track + auxiliary rail fixing method

sectional door rail

4.Quality accessories

sectional door accessories

5.Good insulation performance: the total thickness of the door panel is 43mm. Density in polyurethane foam: 48 kg / m3. Has a good insulation performance.

sectional door insulation performance

6.High frequency operation: The torsion spring balance system counteracts most of the resistance during the opening process.

 torsion spring balance system

7.Automatic-manual dual operation mode: When power is off or faulty, it can be turned on or off by manually operating the chain. The balanced torsion spring system counteracts most of the tension at the opening. It can be opened with a little force by hand (in the range of 180N) or easily opened with a hand chain.

sectional door manual

Video display

 video center


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