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Round The Corner Hangar Door

The round the corner door can greatly save the space on both sides of and increase the passable width of the door.It is widely used in small hangar, helicopter hangar and large warehouse places.

Applicable door opening W30m*H8m
Reserved size on the upper edge of the hole ≥300
Reserved size on the side of the hole ≥1000
Hole depth dimension Door opening width/2+1500
Working voltage frequency 380V/50HZ
 Motor Power 550W
Running speed 8-16m/min
Door thickness 50mm
Adapt to temperature -40°C~50°C
Wind pressure resistance 450N/m²
Sound insulation 23db
K K≤0.8W.m².K


round the corner door drawing1

round the corner door drawing2

1.Round the corner door usually used in small hangar,helicopter hangar and warehouse places.


2.Electric side turn door. There are two types of load-bearing forms: upper load-bearing lower guide and lower load-bearing upper guide.

1556169427391641.png  1556169454941015[1]

3.The side turn door is mainly composed of upper and lower guide rails, upper and lower guide wheels, door leaf, hinge and peripheral seal.


4.It consists of door opening mechanism and electronic control system.The electronic control is controlled by an integrated circuit.

1556169754919498.png  1556169816440419.png

5. The door leaf is made of aluminum sheet metal or special steel for the outer frame. The door panel is made of polyurethane foam door panels.


6.The door leaf and the door leaf are hinged, and the lower part of the door leaf is equipped with a lower guide wheel. Roll in the lower rail.

1556170229103875.png  1556170249428206[1]

7.When the door opening drive works. The traction door body is 90. Turn the direction sideways to open the door leaf. The reverse door is closed. After the door body is in place, there is a limit switch limit.

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