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Normal PVC Rapid Roller Door

High efficiency intelligence and safety make it widely used in food, chemical, textile, electronics, supermarket, cold storage, logistics, warehousing and other production efficiency, dust-free and high temperature level requirements.

Technical Data

Max dimension: 6000mm wide*6000mm high
Max opening Speed: 2.5m/s
Max closing speed: 1.0m/s
Wind resistance: Beaufort scale 10 (25m/s)
Power supply: 1-phase 220±10%V,50/60HZ
Protection level of electric: IP55
Available colors of fabric: Yellow, Blue, Red, Grey, White, Clear

1.Installation:the head space is small, the structure is simple, and the installation is easy,for a normal size 3m*3m door ,two person will install one door half a day.    Installation Instruction

2.Color:PVC environmentally friendly material, safe, durable, with multiple colors to choose, to achieve personalized customization, to meet a variety of corporate culture needs.

pvc colors

Driving system features:    

   motor controlerservo motor

3.Its driving motor and control system are all Servo type, with better movement accuracy and quicker response. Even under very high-frequency operation, the motor can keep good working condition.

4.Special double encoder design. In-built encoder works together with external encoder to control the running. They calibrate with each other and guarantee precise limit.

5.Torque servo system. The motor automatically adjusts its torque every time when the door runs, according to specific load condition and running speed.

     pvc material     guide rail seal brushaluminum bar

Video display

  video center          


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