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Industrial Swing Door

The industrial swing door is a door that opens and closes in parallel with a heavy hinge door leaf. Swing doors are available in a variety of forms, sizes, and door panels. It can be applied to small holes and to wide and high holes. Such as workshops, warehouse gates, personnel passages, and so on.

Technical Data:

Max dimension W14m*H10m
Power supply 220V,50/60HZ或380V,50/60HZ
Wind-resistence 8-11 class gate(20-32m/s)
color Standard,white  blue can be customized
Installation methods Exterior, interior

1.The swing door can be manually opened. The door structure is simple and flexible, and the door can be easily added to facilitate the passage of personnel. Strong wind resistance and durability.

swing door open mode


Running track: Fan-shaped opening and closing perpendicular to the ground

Applicable to the opening: The outside or inside of the door hole has a space of ≥ single door width

2. door openning size <5 meters can choose electric opening mode

电动1     力臂电机

3.Panel material: small door(less than 10m width), steel frame with buckle edge (high sealing) special edging door frame, 50mm, 75mm, 10mm foam door panel, polyurethane foam door panel or rock wool door panel, steel plate thickness 0.5mm, the middle of the door panel according to the specific size Increase the resistance to wind.

sliding door panel material

4.Lighting window:Can choose tempered glass, sunlight board, PC endurance board, laminated glass and its transparent materials.

lighting window

5. hardware accessories:


6.Sealing parts:EPDM rubber or brush;

EPDM rubber         brush

video center


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