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Anti-explosion Roller Shutter Door

Anti-explosion shutter door are widely installed in explosion-proof partition areas, chemical plants, chemical warehouses, ammunition warehouses, military bases and other places where high security requirements for anti-theft and explosion protection.

Technical Data:

Power supply: 380V
Motor Power:

Explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motor

Voltage: 380V / 50HZ

Power: 1.5kw (customized according to door size)

Explosion-proof grade: EEXedIIBT4

Speed: 1390r / min, low noise

control box: Explosion-proof control system
Control mode: Smoke detector / temperature detector / remote control
Windproof: 》38 m / s, "12 level
Running Speed; 0.2 m / sec
Sound insulation level 50dB
Operating temperature: -25 ºC - 55 ºC

Structure diagram:


1. The special track structure and contiguous anti-off structure make it have strong anti-explosion ability, can resist strong shock waves and ensure the safety of people and property.


2. Special customized explosion-proof control system and motor, in the flammable and explosive environment or area can still safely control the door body, will not produce any static electricity and sparks.

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3. The honeycomb steel is filled into the track.The aerodynamic principle is used to buffer the shock wave generated by the explosion and the orbit is beneficial to the discharge and release of the shock wave, thereby reducing the damage caused by the explosion.


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