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Alluminum Roller Shutter Door

The aluminum alloy rolling door has double-layer aluminum alloy material, which makes it beautiful, high-grade, and good wind resistance and corrosion resistance. Widely installed in garages, warehouses, facades, workshops and other places.

Technical Data:

Max dimension W6m*H6m
Wind resistence 10level-12level(24.5m/s-32.6m/s)
Opening and closing speed 5-15m/min
Power supply Single phase: 220±10%V,50/60HZ
Color Standard :white,other color can also be customized
Installation method Middle, exterior, interior
Sound insulation level 50dB
R value Thermal resistance coefficientR≥12.05

1.Easy to install:Easy to maintain, installed above the door hole, save space, ☆ economical and durable

roller shutter door diagram

2.Door panel: double-layer aluminum alloy intermediate rib structure, high strength, and better thermal insulation performance.

 aluminum roller shutter door slats

Color can be customized

slats color

3.Tracks:The track is a double-layer structure, which isolates the door body from running and the screw fixing space to prevent scraping. High-density tops are inserted on both sides to eliminate noise and enhance sealing.

 4.The bottom beam and accessories: the bottom beam is also a double-layer structure, the bottom penetrates high-density high-quality EPDM sealing strip to strengthen the door sealing effect.

aluminum roller shutter door accessories

Motor: World famous Dooya brand

shutter door motor

5.Control mode: (Power failure manual state can choose hand, clutch pull cable and hand chain)

the wall switch                  The remote control

6.Function customization:

(1) Intelligent door control system

intelligent door control system

              Infrared induction                             Airbag                          Automatic door opening system

(2)UPS Power supply:Can be used to electrically open the rolling door when the power is off.

UPS Power supply

Video display

 video center


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