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Alluminum Rapid Door

Aluminum alloy high speed door fits for areas with high demand of both security, high-strength, thermal insulation and high running speed.Widely used in underground garages,factory exterior, warehouse exterior.

aluminum rapid door installation

Technical Data:

Max dimension: 8000mm wide*8000mm high
Max opening Speed: 2.0m/s
Max closing speed: 1.0m/s
Wind resistance: Beaufort scale 12 (35m/s)
Power supply: 1-phase 220±10%V,50/60HZ,or 3-phase 380V±10%V,50/60HZ
Protection level of electric: IP55
Control system: Servo type
Driving system: Servo motor
Thermal conductivity factor: 1.9W/(㎡·K)
Sound insulation factor: R=25dB
Available colors of slat: Grey, Blue, White, Aluminum, Golden

1.Burglarproof and excellent thermal installation:

The aluminum alloy rapid door panel is made of a double-layered aluminum plate at a time, and the surface is fine pressed stripe, which is anodized and organic colored, and filled with intermediate polyurethane foam. The middle internal broken bridge design can increase the heat preservation effect, prevent the indoor and outdoor temperature loss, and save energy. The surface of the door panel is subjected to 5 layers of organic coloring treatment, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance.

thermal insulation

2.Torsion spring balance system: inbuilt into the side guide rails. It counteracts the door weight and prolongs working life of motor by reducing its load.

Torsion spring balance system

3.Emergency release device. It can be easily opened by hand with this device, under emergency situations like power failure or electrical faults.

4.Different color can choose.

Full clear vision panel slats ,more beautiful.

vision panel slats vision panel slats



   Aluminum Rapid Door Installation

Video display

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